About us - Pioneering AI Automation

At Huotari AI, we harness the power of AI automation to transform businesses and drive innovation.

Founded by Henri Huotari, Huotari AI emerged from a vision to integrate cutting-edge AI solutions into businesses, making them more efficient, adaptable, and future-ready.

We are a team of small group of people who are passionate about AI and its potential to transform businesses. We are dedicated to helping businesses leverage AI to drive innovation and growth.

Our culture - Innovation meets Integrity.

At Huotari AI, we foster a culture where innovation thrives, and ethical practices are paramount.

  • Innovation. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in AI automation, ensuring our solutions are at the cutting edge.
  • Collaboration. Our team collaborates closely, ensuring that every project benefits from diverse expertise and perspectives.
  • Ethical AI. We are committed to developing AI solutions that are ethical, transparent, and beneficial for all stakeholders.

Huotari AI

  • Henri Huotari

    Founder / CEO

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  • Tallinn
    Pronksi 3
    Tallinn, Estonia