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At Huotari AI, we pioneer cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges of today's dynamic business landscape. Our commitment is not just to adapt, but to lead the AI revolution, ensuring our partners stay a step ahead of the curve.

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Case studies

Niekka Bicycles

AI Chatbot & CRM

Customer Service and Lead Generation - As Electric as their Bicycles

In our heartfelt collaboration with Niekka, we harnessed the power of AI to bring a tailored AI Chatbot and CRM system, enhancing the cyclist's journey.

Our dedicated effort in this partnership aimed to bring convenience and efficiency for both Niekka and their beloved cycling community.

Huotari AI seamlessly integrated with our vision, crafting a AI Chatbot and CRM system that resonates with our community’s spirit.

Jarno Surakka, Managing Partner of Niekka Bicycles


Chatbot, CRM

You've never bought a roof maintenance online. Now you can.

We made a complex chatbot which calculates the price for all of Rooflab's services and even gives the possibility to buy the service right then and there, inside the chatbot.

Working with Huotari AI, we felt more like a partner than a customer. They really achieved everything we could of hoped for and more.

Markus Eklund, CEO of Rooflab


Website & AI Chatbot

Automated Leads, Amplified Results: The Accounting Website + Chatbot Success Story

Magistra is a accounting firm in the heart of Jyväskylä. We made a website with a AI chat bot interface for them.

We worked with Magistra to develop a new lead generation flow. A user is greeted by the chatbot when they arrive on the website.

Thanks to the chatbot solution from Huotari AI, our lead generation process is now seamless and efficient. It's been a game-changer for our client engagement.

Kirsi Miinala, CEO of Magistra

We work with Huotari AI because they understand the depth of possibilities with AI. They delivered unique and engaging image tools in the generative AI space for our 10M+ monthly users to enjoy.


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