Case Study - Customer Service and Lead Generation - As Electric as their Bicycles

Discover how Niekka Bicycles collaborated with Huotari AI to redefine the commuting experience.

Niekka Bicycles
AI Chatbot & CRM


As nature-lovers and cycling enthusiasts, Niekka Bicycles always strived to enhance the bond between riders and their journeys. Recognizing the importance of a personalized touch, they collaborated with Huotari AI to weave technology into this bond.

Reaching out early in their journey, Niekka aimed to incorporate a friendly AI that would resonate with their cyclist community. Huotari AI, embracing the challenge, aimed to deliver more than just technology - a bond strengthened by genuine care and understanding.

What we did

  • Personalized Customer Service AI Chatbot
  • Community-driven Lead Generation
  • Intuitive CRM & Marketing Automation

Huotari AI truly understands the heartbeat of our community. Their expertise not only gave us a technological edge but also deepened our connection with our riders.

Jarno Surakka
Managing Partner of Niekka Bicycles
Enhanced User Interactions
Quicker Responses
Immediate AI Chatbot Feedback
Community Engagement Touchpoints

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